Hny Baby

Hnybaby products are made with high quality materials that are safe and durable for any baby and their caregiver. Our straps are made from an easy wipe 100% polyester fabric and come in adorable design character patterns. The plastic clips on our pacifier clip, sippy straps and multi-use trip clips are BPA and Phthalate free so they remain rust and metal free, taking the worry away from any parent. Our toy savers are essential for any baby that has a favorite teether like Sophie the Giraffe or a toddler that has a favorite snack cup or toy that they like to take everywhere they go. Our bandana bibs are not only soft and made of organic cotton, but they are super absorbent avoiding the constant outfit changes. Our products prevent unwanted pacifier drops, Sophie the Giraffe losses, damp or dirty clothing due to spit up and drool and create great stroller shades when the weather takes a turn. All of or products are must haves for babies, toddlers and their caregivers. Our pacifier clips, sippy cup straps, trip clips, toy savers and bandana bibs are essential must haves for any parent and baby on the go….and we know it first hand.