Whimsical Wishes – Tiffany Baynes

I attended Vancouver Island University’s visual art diploma program in 2003, where I learned numerous techniques, and broadened my abilities in working with a variety of mediums. Among my favorite were Ink, Soft and Oil Pastel, Charcoal, Oil and Acrylic Paints.

I taught art classes in the park for children, and sold my art work at local vendor markets. I also began painting the faces of children at various events. It was a magical feeling to witness the big smiles that sweeps over their faces when they see the art work come to life. Soon flowing the beginning of my face painting career, I also fell in love with belly painting for soon to be mamma's during their showers and blessing ways. Where love and light work their magic, oneness expands.

Together with my loving husband and two beautiful little girls, my life is filled with playful creativity, endless learning, and never lacking the freedom of imagination.